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Farm and Ranch

Farm Animal Supplies
We carry a variety of health products for your farm animals like de-wormers, vaccinations, antibiotics, implants, and fly control products.  We also have
basic need items for farm animals such as ear tags, feeders, water trough valves and much more.

Davis Gates has a complete line of farm management equipment and fencing products.  We have a variety of their products available at the clinic such as
 gates, corral panels, corral panels with walk-thrus,  creep feeders, hay feeders, bunk feeders, and water tanks.  If you visit the Davis Gates web-site and
see and item that you are interested in buying just call or e-mail us about it.

Davis Gates Homepage

We carry 15 and 25 gallon corrosion resistant polyethylene tank sprayers.  These sprayers are great for many uses including applying insecticides and
herbicides.  Both sizes include a hose and handgun with adjustable tip.  Low profile polyethylene tank with molded in recesses on tank ends for handles
and or hose storage.  We also have ATV mounted sprayers.  Spraying may be accomplished with a 140” spray coverage boom or handgun with
adjustable nozzle.

Fertilizer & Lime
Fertilizers are literally plant and grass food additives.  Very few soils are fertile enough to supply the nutrients which healthy plants and grass need.  The
soil in most areas has become so depleted over the years that fertilizer and other additives must be added back to the soil.  If you are planting pasture land
or food plots you might want to check you pH.  If your pH is below 7.0 your soil is acidic and you need to put lime on it.  The best time to lime your soul
is when you’re preparing your soil for planting.  Before you purchase fertilizer check your pH, if it acidic a lot of times your fertilizer will not benefit your
 soil nor your grass.

We carry hay for horses and cattle.  We try to get the best quality Alfalfa hay that we can find for our horses.  As we all know hay shortage is a problem
all over the south.  If you stop by to get some and we are out, bear with us and we will get it as soon as we can.

Don’t let your horse stand on wet or hard stall floors.  Horses need extra cushion and dryness to help promote healthy hooves and overall general health. 
Horse bedding provides warmth and comfort for your horse and provides traction to keep your horse from slipping on stall floors.  So stop by and look at
the Moore Wood shavings that we carry.

Horse and Tack
Equine Health

Coggins Test

We stock an array of basic western riding equipment like, bridles, headstalls, reins, girths, breast collars, saddle pads, bits, and stirrups.  If there is something
special that you are looking for, it can easily be ordered.  We are a client of Parker Enterprises and can order any specialized item they carry.

At Hamilton they chose only the highest quality durable nylon webbing, thread, and hardware to produce their products.  Their hand selected materials are
stitched and box stitched either single or double thick, ensuring their customers with products with a long durable life.  Hamilton’s quality of excellence
approach in production is enhanced by an array of dazzling colors that makes Hamilton Products stand above the rest.  We carry a variety of Hamilton
products for our equine owners.  We try to carry every color that Hamilton offers to their customers.  In stock now we have nylon and leather halters, nylon
and leather leads, and training equipment.

Hamilton Products Homepage

We carry a variety of Davis Gates products for our equine customers.  Their safe horse equipment corral panels feature straight end posts and chain latch
hookups.  Sturdy and lightweight, these 5’ and 6’ tall panels are great for stationary placement or portability.  The 5’ tall panels are available in 10’, 12’ and
16’ lengths.  The 6’ tall panels are available in 12’ lengths only.  Also available is the horse walk thru arch gate which is compliant with the 5’ and 6’ tall
corral panels.  We also carry the heavy duty bunk feeders, poly hay and grain feeders, and galvanized manger feeders.  We will be glad to help you figure
out how many corral panels you will need for a round pen for your horses.  The more panels that you buy at a time the better discount you will receive.

Davis Gates Homepage

Cactus Ropes

Cactus proudly offers the best ropes available on the market today.  With a full line of ropes, including calf ropes, ranch ropes and kid ropes, in addition to
team ropes, they have something to offer everyone who ropes.  If you want your little cowboy to be just like daddy come by and see the Cactus kid gift bag
or the Cactus kid gift box. Check out the Cactus Ropes web-site and you can find out much more about each individual rope that Cactus has to offer.  We
carry a full line of their ropes.  So, pick which one you want and stop at Rocking Rooster to buy your rope.

Cactus Ropes Homepage

Pet Supplies
We stock basic animal products such as puppy pads, puppy/kitty milk, shampoo, doggy cologne, toys, electric fencing, dog feeders, dog kennels for inside
 and outside, and much more.  We also have products available that only veterinarians are able to supply such as Heartgard, Interceptor, Ivomec, Sentinel,
Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Revolution, & Capstar.  Since we are a veterinary clinic we have a veterinarian on staff at all times for your animals
prescription needs.
You know that proper nutrition plays an important role in your overall health and well being and the same goes for your pet.  Nutrient control is the basis pf
all Hills (Science Diet) products.  Their foods are specially formulated to provide proper nutrition specifically for your pet based on age, activity level and
physical condition.  Ask our veterinarians to assess your pet’s health and recommend a food that provides the optimum balance of nutrients for your pet. 
We have a variety of Science Diet products in stock.  If there is a particular food that we do not have we will be more than happy to order it for you.  We
order Science Diet every Monday and get it on Tuesday, unless it falls during a holiday.

Hill's Science Diet Homepage

At Hamilton they chose only the highest quality durable nylon webbing, thread, and hardware to produce their products.  Their hand selected materials are
stitched and box stitched either single or double thick, ensuring their customers with products with a long durable life.  Hamilton’s quality of excellence
approach in production is enhanced by an array of dazzling colors that makes Hamilton Products stand above the rest.  We carry a variety of Hamilton
products for our pet owners.  We try to carry every color that Hamilton offers to their customers.  In stock now we have nylon and leather collars, nylon
and leather leashes, nylon harnesses, camouflage collars and leashes, and training equipment.

Hamilton Products Homepage

Wildlife Supplies
We have a variety of birdhouses, bird feeders, and birdbaths.  We also have martin houses to meet your Martins needs. Our Martin houses start with the
small 12 whole house to a wooden Martin mansion. The poles are sold separate but are available at the clinic.  New for us this year is the John Deer Martin
House.  So stop by and see our Martin house selection.

The On-Time Wildlife feeders patented design is more advanced than anything else in the industry, manufactured to withstand incredible punishment.  All of
the On-Time Feeders can be mounted to barrels made to hang or to stand on tri-pods. On-Time also has fish feeders to grow "the big ones" in your pond.
Buddy spreaders can be used to spread seed and fertilizer on your food plots or spread corn down the road or shooting lanes. We have everything available
by On-Time; if there is something that we do not have in stock it is easily accessible.

On Time Feeder Homepage

We carry the full line of PlotSpike Forage Oats.  PlotSpike Forage Oats makes a fantastic early season, annual plot.  These oats were breed specifically for
forage and yield a tremendous amount of high quality forage in the fall.  The plants should survive until you get several days of temperature below 20 degrees. 
You should plant PlotSpike Forage Oats at 100lbs. per acre.  Apply at least 300lbs. of 13-13-13 at planting.  After you plants have emerged apply fertilizers
like ammonia nitrate every 45 days. 

PlotSpike Homepage

We carry 50lb bags of Buck Forage Oats.  Buck Forage Oats are for the whitetail deer manager or hunter concerned with not only providing an unbeatable
attractant, but also providing excellent forage.  You should plant approximately 120lbs. per acre.  Fertilize and lime according to your local extension service.

Buck Forage Homepage

River City Fall Wildlife Mix
River City Fall Wildlife Mix is our number one seller for food plots.  Our customers have really been pleased with this product for years.  River City Fall
Wildlife Mix contains Ranger wheat, rye, bob oats, Austrian winter peas, Brassica, and Persian clover.  So, when you get ready to plant your food plots,
don’t forget to stop by Rocking Rooster and get your River City Fall Wildlife Mix.  You will be pleased!



We carry many of the latest fashions from Wrangler.  We have Cowboy Cut jeans, Twenty X jeans and shirts for men and women, Riata shirts for men,
George Strait shirts for men, Jackson jeans for women, and New Aura jeans for women and Riggs work wear.    We are now carrying Wrangler jackets. 
We have a variety of blue jean jackets, down jackets, and canvas jackets.

Wrangler Homepage

Round House overalls are the no frill, all-American standard for work wear craftsmanship.  Originally designed 100 years ago, these rugged, versatile, and
comfortable work overalls are a long lasting symbol to the strength and ability of the American workforce.

Round House Homepage

We will be expanding our selection of camouflage in the fall.  We have several items in stock now such as scrubs, hush hide, jackets, chest waders, and hip



We carry the Original Muck Boot Company products.  The Original Muck boot Company is a rubber boot manufacturer for a variety of markets from
outdoor/sporting, pet, and equine to lawn and garden.  All of the original Muck Boots are made from 100% Breathable Air mesh lining and CR grade foam
for extra comfort.  Please come by our store and we will be glad to help you try on these comfortable shoes and boots.  If we do not have the size or the style
that you need, we will be glad to order them for you.  Ladies these are not just for the men!

Muck Boot Homepage

Justin Boots makes many different styles, making it difficult for any one retailer to carry everything made by Justin Boot Company.  It is a good idea to give
us a call or stop by to see if we carry the style that you are looking for.  If we do not have that particular style or size in stock, you can ask us to order it for
you.  We can buy any product manufactured by Justin Boots.

Justin Boot Homepage



We offer the full line of Breyer products.  If you come to the store and do not see what you want please let us know the item number and we will be glad to
order it for you.  Here is a little information on Breyer.  Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are all hand crafted and hand painted with
airbrushes and paint brushes.  Approximately 20 different artisans handle each individual Breyer model horse from start to finish – a process, which, 54 years
later, is still done by human hands not machines.  Even today, no two Breyer model horses are ever exactly alike.

Breyer Homepage

 We offer a variety of gifts for all kinds of occasions.  We have a selection of western gifts, pewter crosses and dishes, outside décor, wind chimes, candles,
and much more.  So stop by when you are out looking for that special gift.  We have gift bags available.

Holland Grill Homepage

Welcome to Bayou Classic Cooking. We are THE authorized dealer of all Bayou Classic Cooking Supplies. Here you will find all Bayou Classic Turkey
Fryers, Ceramic Grills, Propane Burners, Portable Grills, Outdoor Patio Stoves, Outdoor Cookers, Fish Cookers, Cast Iron Cookware, Stockpots,
Bayou Fryers, Propane Parts and many more supplies.

Bayou Classic Homepage


LEM Products offers great game processing and sausage and jerky making supplies and equipment.

Every Circle E candle has possessed a unique color, texture and fragrance that adds to the intense, powerful character that is associated with Circle E
candles.  Only the best ingredients go into Circle E candles.  Creating a great candle is a complicated process.  Each additive has a positive and negative
effect, and perfect balance of additives must be obtained to ensure the optimal Circle E candle.  We at Rocking Rooster are firm believers that Circle E
candles are of the highest quality candles.  We carry the full line of Circle E candles in all scents and sizes.  Please stop by and smell them today and we’re
sure you will go home with one!!

Circle E Candles Homepage

Corinthian Bells
Corinthian Bells are the first in a new generation of wind chimes to combine exceptional design with incredible tone and resonance.  Each Corinthian Bell is
hand crafted and hand tuned in the USA.  The Corinthian Bells are available in five colors and have a distinctive look and a wonderful sound that you are
looking for in a wind chime.  Come hear and see our display.

Gallagher Electric Fence

We carry all the products that are offered by Gallagher.  If something is not in stock, we can order it for you.  As we all know an electric fence is a
physiological barrier that keeps farm animals in and wild animals out.  Because the electric fence is a physiological barrier, it does not require great strength
to be effective.  It must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from the animals and weather.  This is why you should choose Gallagher
Electric Fence products.

Gallagher Homepage

Gun Safes

There is a growing category of firearms owners that want to secure their firearms but want an affordable alternative to fire resistant safes. Constructed of
plate steel with reinforced doors, these safes fill the need of this growing segment. This category of safes feature fully carpeted interiors, Stack-On´s
patented barrel rests and standoffs for scoped guns as well as 1" live action locking bolts which are standard on all Stack-On safes.

Stack-On Homepage

Stealth Manufacturing designs and builds electric and hybrid utility vehicles. They are favored by loyal customers who use their Stealth machines for
everything from hunting and bird watching to operating vineyards, estates and nurseries. 

Stealth Manufacturing Homepage
Going out of town or just need a break from Fido, we can help.  We offer boarding for your special friend.  Our staff will take great care of your animal
while it is in our care.  We have a staff member who is on duty during the weekend and makes sure your animal is taken care of while business is closed. 
All animals must be current on all vaccinations before we are able to board them.  If your animal is not a patient of ours, we will need proof of current
vaccinations.  We will be happy to board your animal in our kitty motel, dog kennels, or indoor/outdoor runs.


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